Sunday, 24 June 2018

EPO-Flyer number 38

Märpel is not the only team to be upset about AT-ILO. Another team publishes "flyers" regularly under the name "Flyer team". The latest flyer is about AT-ILO: "The ILO Tribunal: Is it still worthy of our trust?"

The flyers are published on the following web site:
That web site deserves as many "unique readers" as this little blog.

Flyer 38 lists all the deficiencies of AT-ILO.


Mentalist said...

With only a few hours before ILO-AT decision concerning SUEPO members, I'd like to voice a prediction.

ILO-AT will just remit the case on a small technicality for the EPO to reconsider.

Why? Simply because that is simply the best option for EPO's management. It allows them to play cat and mouse for another couple of years, effectively keeping SUEPO busy. It passes the bucket to the next president, with a blank check to do nothing for a few years. It deprives the affected persons of any recourse, because the legal process would still be running.

For Battistelli and his clicque, it is much better than a negative decision. Their objective is to keep the staff at the brink of despair, but without having them understand that they face a brick wall. If they realised that the cannot win at ILO-AT, ever, they would seek other means. Keeping the process running keeps the proverbal carrot hanging in front of their noses

Anonymous said...

Mr. I.B., fomer SUEPO Munich chairperson, has been fully reinstatd by ILOAT:

Ms. M.E.W., former SUEPO Munich treasurer, too